Dave Chappelle Net Worth: How Rich Is Dave Chappelle Worth In 2017

Dave Chappelle Net Worth

Early Life:

Dave Chappelle was born on August 24, 1973 in Washington D.C and proved himself as a best actor, famous producer, screenwriter and an excellent American stand-up comedian for years. Dave Chappelle net worth is $10 million. He was youngest in siblings. His father, William David was a college professor and his mother, Yvonne also performed her duties as a professor at Howard University, University of Maryland and more. He went to Woodlin School and spent his early childhood in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was inspired from Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy and later proved himself as a best comedian. He studied theatre arts from Washington in 1991. Dave stayed with his mother in Washington, after his parent’s separation and use to visit Ohio in summers to meet his father. He wanted to amuse people because it gives him happiness and which satisfies his soul. So, he moved to New York to start his carrier as a comedian.

As an Actor and Comedian:

His 1st experience was the performance at Apollo Theatre that gives him courage to move further. He became very confident on his selection. He started making his name in the comedy. He use to perform in comedy circuit and even in local parks to get the fame. That is the point when Dave Chappelle Net Worth started increasing. He performed in many television shows and comedy dramas. Dave also served as an actor in many films. Some of his roles as an actor in different movies are as follows:

1993: Men in Tights (Ahchoo)

1994: Undercover Blues (Ozzie)

1996: The Nutty Professor (Reggie Warington)

1997: Con Air (Pinball)

1998: Woo (Schemer)

1999: Blue Streak (Tulley)

These all results in the gradual increase in Dave Chappelle Net worth. “Chappelle’s Show” on Sketch Comedy greatly added in his net worth. He also supported the other black comedians; two of them are Charlie Murphy and Paul Mooney. Because of the growing popularity of Dave’s show, Viacom (Parent company of Comedy Central) signed a two year contract of worth $55 million.

He was the producer in the famous documentary “Block Party” directed by Michel Gondry which became very popular and added in Dave Chappelle net worth immensely. Another event of reunion with “The Fugees”, a hip-hop group added in his popularity. He struggled very hard to make it successful and finally it was a big hit in the industry, which earned a net profit of about $9 million.

He performed many impromptu shows and also appeared on Home Box Office’s “Def Poetry” and performed two poems there that were liked and listened by millions of people around the globe. He was also interviewed in many television shows and also made visit to Actors Studio. Musical tribute was introduced by Dave at 48th Grammy Awards.

A comparison of Dave Chappelle net worth with other comedians is given below:

John Ritter                     $20 million

Eddie Izzard                   $18 million

Aziz Ansari                     $17 million

Jimmy Carr                     $12 million

Collin Quinn                   $11 million

Janeane Garofalo    $10 million

These are the comedians lying in between 75-100 of the top 100 ranking of comedians in the world.

Dave Chappelle is about 43 years of age. Now we will compare Dave Chappelle net worth with the comedians of his age group:

Trey Parker                     $350 million

Matt Stone                      $300 million

Seth MacFarlane             $194 million

Sacha Baren Cohen $110 million

Will Arnett                     $12 million

Peter Dante                     $14 million


Dave is very professional in his field, as he usually makes impromptu performances at comedy venues. On April 2007, Chappelle made another record of 3 hours 50 minutes beating the Dane Cook’s record at the Laugh Factory. In the same years December, Chappelle broke his own record by performing 6 hours and 12 minutes and it’s still unbeaten. Dave Chappelle was again invited by Actors Studio and interviewed humorously and he appeared in the 250th episode that drastically liked by his fans and results in an immense increase in Dave Chappelle Net Worth.

Hurdles in Carrier:  

Dave’s success story is not the bed of roses as he faced many hurdles and problems in his carrier but never lose the face. He always beat his opponents with practice. He is the man of strong words. As we can recall the big case of “Fuck Hartford” that happened at Oddball Comedy Festival in August 2013. But he never stops trying and never gets disappointed as he again appeared on Oddball Festival in August 2014. It was a big surprise and a great moment of happiness for his fans. At 2014 Oddball Festival, audience response was inverse as in 2013. He performed at Radio City Music Hall in New York City for 10 nights in June 2014. It was his 1st major appearance at New York in eleven years. As a musical guest Dave performed his hosting on Saturday Night Live on 12 November, 2016.

Society Involvement:

Dave is always active in charitable activities as he donated his time and skills to Peace International Camp, the purpose of this camp was to bring closer the children of a variety of conflicting nations as Palestinian, Israeli etc.


His earnings in remarkable years of his life are as follows:

Earnings in 2005                                     $12 million

Earnings in 2006                                     $22 million

Earnings in 2015                                     $7.5 million

His remarkable earnings were from Blue Streak, Nutty Professor and Con Air.

Because of his work Chappelle is always praised by his fellow comedians as Katt Williams added that Chappelle is the greatest comedian alive. Kevin Hart said that he is the greatest comedian of all time.

Personal Life:

His net worth decreased as comparison with the past years. The major reason for Dave Chappelle Net Worth down fall is the limited performances. Now he lives with his family, his wife Elaine Mendoza, 2 sons and a daughter in a farm house near Ohio. Ohio is the favorite place to live for Dave because in childhood he used to live with his father there. That’s why he decided to spend his remaining days with his family in Ohio. Dave Chappelle accepted Islam as his religion in 1998 and recorded his interview in 2005 about his believes and wished others don’t to associate his flaws with a beautiful religion, Islam.

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