Jason Derulo Net Worth

Jason Derulo Net Worth

Legends are born after centuries, just like Jason Derulo, he served the American song listeners as a best American singer, dancer and songwriter since 2009 and he was born in 21st September, 1989 in United States.

Jason has sold a remarkable amount of singles, the 30 million. He has achieved about 11 Platinum singles, some of them are; Talk Dirty, Watcha Say, Wiggle, In my Head etc.

Jason’s original name is Jason Joel Desrouleaux, later he become famous with his name Jason Derulo. Jason Derulo Net Worth is about $8.5 million. He is a solo recorder and is liked by millions of his fans around the globe.

Early Life:

Starting from his early life. Jason’s parents are Haitian and he was born in Florida in 1989. He was very fond of singing and wanted to get fame as a singer. So he attended a local school of arts in Florida and made his early efforts in music. At the age of 8, he wrote his 1st song. He have a very impressive writing skills and it attracted many people as he writes down his 1st song at the age of 8 years. “Bossy” is written by Jason for a New Orleans-based rapper named as Birdman. Jason appeared as a guest in the same song and proved his vocalist ability.


Jason started his carrier as a song writer. Since Jason was young, he has written songs for well-known artist, such as Dainty Kane, Sean Kingston, Diddy and more. His efforts were towards becoming a solo performer. He gained his early skills of dancing and singing from American Musical and Dramatic Academy. J.RRotem was very impressed by him and signed a contract for recording of Warner Bros. Records. It was the biggest achievement for Jason at the very start of his carrier. Jason Derulo Net Worth started increasing tremendously from that day of achievement. During an interview, Rotem added words of appreciation about Jason Derulo’s efforts, his work ethics and the quality of work.

“Watcha Say” was remarkable for Jason as it break the huge records and was liked by millions of Jason’s fan around the globe. It was produced on August, 2009 by J.RRotem and additional production was made by Fuego. It was point when Jason Derulo Net Worth increased hugely.

Jason Derulo’s earnings from different albums are as follows:

  • Talk Dirty                         $1,398,601
  • Undefeated                         $865,801
  • Others                         $554,324
  • Tattoos $1,136,364
  • Future History $649,351

Total Increase in Jason Derulo Net Worth form these albums:                        $5,109,491

Jason Derulo Net Worth increases in past years are as follows:

2011-2012                                                                                                               $508,744

2012-2013                                                                                                               $627,451

2013-2014                                                                                                               $818,414

2014-2015                                                                                                               $941,176

2015-2016 (expected)                                                                                         $1,082,353

From the above given comparisons it is crystal clear how tremendously JarsonDerulo Net Worth increases album after album and year after year and reached a huge amount of $8 million.

Remarkable releases:

In 2011, Jason recorded a track titled “Together” with Demi Lovato for her famous album “Unbroken”. On 27 September, 2011 Jason’s 2nd studio album “Future History” was released with a great success. With a partnership with Coca Cola and American Idol, Jason appeared on American Idol on 28th March, 2012 for finishing the lyrics of his new song “Undefeated”. On that event, he allowed his fans to made lyrics for his upcoming song and later allowed them to rate the best lyrics for the upcoming song titled as “Undefeated”.

Jason had signed Arlene Zelina (an Australian song-writer) to record his new album “Future History” on 9th July, 2012. As she was an Australian, she returned to Melbourne, Australia after finishing her task. Jason released his famous single “The Other Side” on 23rd of April, 2013 that peaked at no 18 on the Hot Billboard 100. This was the time to celebrate for Jason as it added in Jason Derulo Net Worth. His most popular album “Tattoos” was released on September, 2013. The second single of this album, named as “Talk Dirty”, that was released on 27th July, 2013 internationally. It was bigger success than “The Other Side” as it stood at no 3 on Billboard Hot 100.

His success story continues and he left many singers behind, in net worth. Jason Derulo Net Worth is not as much as he earned because of his expenditures but still he had a bulk of money. A comparison of his net worth with other American singers of his age is given below:

Name Age Net Worth
Lady Gaga 30 $280 million
Beyonce 35 $265 million
Taylor Swift 26 $250 million
Adele 28 $135 million
Bruno Mars 31 $105 million
Benjamin Bronfman 34 $100 million
Ed Sheeran 25 $26 million
Alicia Keys 35 $130 million


On 22nd January, 2015, Jason Derulo was rewarded with another blessing when Dick Clark Production head declared that Jason would be the judge for 12th season of their Production named as; So You Think You Can Dance. He performed the duties of judge in that session with Nigel Lythgoe and Paula Abdul. His “want to Want Me”, 4th studio album became the most liked and added track in the previous history of Top 40 Radio.It reached at no 5 on Billboard Hot 100. It also topped the most famous “UK Singles chart” in the same year.“Cheyenne”, 2nd single music video was released on 30 June, 2015 and released another single “Naked” in the same year. These 2 singles added in the Jason Derulo Net Worth.

Personal life and Social responsibility:

Jason Derulo Net Worth

Jordin Sparks were his girlfriends and they dated for 3 years before their relationship ended on September, 2014. Jason is very responsive to the society and he helped society in every disaster and in every need of depressed ones. Jason Derulo’s participation in some of the social responsibility and charitable events are given below:

  • org
  • Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center
  • Ryan Seacrest Foundation
  • Shrines Hospitals for Children
  • Celebrity Fight Night Foundation
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Save The Music Foundation

Jason Derulo Net Worth is increasing day by day. He is achieving huge success with the passage of every single moment. Live long Jason Derulo.

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