Tamera Mowry Net Worth : How Rich Is Tamera Mowry Worth In 2017

Tamera Mowry Net Worth

A girl with the passion can achieve anything, success is not limited to males, this clicked in Tamera Mowry’s mind, a famous American model and actress who was born on 6 July, 1978 in Gelnhausen, West Germany and later went to America for achieving her aims. She is the woman with multi talents as she is serving as an actress, model, host, author as well as a businesswoman since the very start of her carrier. Tamera Mowry Net Worth is about $4 million.

Talking about Tamera’s early history, she studied in a local school in Germany where she groomed herself as a future celebrity. Her parents Darlen Mowry and Timothy Mowry took care of Tamera in her early childhood. They motivated her to fulfill her goals. She joined Pepperdine University for further studies.

Personal Life:

At the very start of her childhood, her parents moved to California, United States where she brought up. Both of her parents were in U.S Army. Talking about her parent’s ancestry, Tamera’s father has English and Afro-Bahamian was her mothers. Her parents were met in there school life and after wards they joined U.S Army and reached at the same rank of “Sergeant”. She belongs to a religious family. They were three siblings. One sister and 2 brothers named as; Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Tahj Mowry and Tavior Mowry. Tahj Mowry is an actor. She dated with Adam Housley for 6 years and later they got married. On 15th May, 2011 they Tamera got married in Napa Valley located in California. They welcomed their baby-boy on 12th Novemeber, 2012 and their baby-girl on 1st July, 2015. Baby-girl and baby-boy were named as Aden John Tanner Housley and Ariah Talea Housley.


She started her carrier in 1990. At the very start of her carrier Tamera was blessed as she got selected for ABC TGIF a television series. As she moved further, she achieved big milestones in her success journey. Some of her roles in television series with the year are given below which added in Tamera Mowry Net Worth:

Year Title Character Status
1991 Flesh ‘n’ blood Pepelope TV Series
1992 True Colors Lorae TV Series
1995 Are You Afraid of the Dark? Evil Chameleon TV Series
1999 Detention Orangejella LaBelle TV Series
2000 Something to Sing About Lily TV Movie
2005 Twitches Camryn Barnes TV Movie
2012 Christmas Angel Daphney Conroy TV Movie


Tamers Mowry also participated in many other TV series, TV movies but major of them are given above. All these series enhanced Tamera Mowry Net Worth.  Tamera also served American industry as a producer. Tamera’s main productions are “Double Wedding” and “Tia and Tamera” that were released in 2010 and 2011-2013 respectively. During 1996-1998, her famous sound track named as “Sister, Sister” was released on television.


Her story as a producer and as an actress is not related with only productions and releases rather Tamera achieved remarkable awards for her excellent performance. In 1995,96,97 she stood at 1st for the favorite television actress award known as Blimp Award on a ceremony of Kids Choice Awards, USA. In 1998, she won the award of Hall of Fame. Her achievement continues in the next years and she achieved Image Awards in 1999 and 2000. She was also nominated for numbers of famous awards such as Teen Choice Award, People’s Choice Award, Young Artist Award and many more in the next years.

Tamera Mowry Net Worth increases as a result of her achievement of every single milestone. Some of her earnings from different movies are given as follows:


Movie Name Net Earning
Redemtion of a Dog $284,091
Twitches Too $162,338
The Hot Chick $126,263
Christmas Angel $349,650
Double Wedding $216,450
Twitches $138,581
Total Earnings $1,277,373


This is a huge amount of money that Tamer earns from only six movies of her life that increases Tamera Mowry Net Worth tremendously. Now we will look at Tamera’s net earnings in different earnings following:

  • 2011-2012 $527,337
  • 2012-2013 $705,882
  • 2013-2014 $920,716
  • 2014-2015 $1,058,824
  • 2015-2016 (expected) $1,217,647

Tamera Mowry Net Worth increased drastically during the years mentioned above. With the earning of fame she is not lacked in earnings of money.


Talking about her life, she revealed many facts about herself that would be surprising and interesting for Tamera’s fans.

  • Married with Adam Housley after long ten month engagement.
  • She is Cory Hardrict’s sister-in-law.
  • Both of Tamera’s parents were at the same position of “Sergeant” in the U.S. Army.
  • Name of all the children begins with “T” for the association with Tamera’s father “Timothy” and their middle names start with “D” association with her mother’s name “Darlene”.
  • Tavior is the youngest among all the siblings.
  • She studied Psychology as her major subject from Pepperdine University, California.
  • Darlene Mowry’s(her mother) descent was Bahamian and Timothy Mowry(her father) belongs to English descent.
  • Tamera use to wear WWJD(What would Jesus do) bracelets.
  • Mowry family use to go each other’s shows. Such as Sister, Sister (1994), Smart Guy (1997) etc.
  • She was born on July 6, 1978 at 4.30 P.M.
  • Tia Mowry is Tamera’s twin sister.
  • Went to study in Pepperdine’s Italian campus in summer 2001.
  • Tia and Tamera resembles so much that one can’t identify them except a mole on Tia’s cheek.

Charity Participations:

There are very people who donate for the well fare of depressed human beings. Though they are few, Tamera is one them and one can say she is on the top in such programs. She has developed a website where she sells her dresses, shoes, and other collections, people buy from there and 10% of that amount is donated to NGO’s and other charitable programs. Recently she is striving for the collection of her beloved organization known as “I Have a Dream Foundation”. Her website for such activities is .

Tamera is continuously achieving remarkable milestones in her way of success. She is passionate about her occupation. Serving society as well. Tamera Mowry Net Worth is increasing with the passage of every single day. Live long Tamera Mowry.

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