Were the Grammys a flop? Rihanna cancels, Adele’s sound is ruined and not enough Beyoncé


Everyone thought that this year’s Grammys will be incredible like last years but it didn’t happen and viewers were heartbroken.

Grammy is said to be the most awaited and anticipated show of the year but what happened this year?

There were celebrities, there was Red Carpet and there were awards but what was not there? Why viewers were left underwhelmed.

One of the main reasons is because Rihanna didn’t performed and cancelled her performance due to illness which created a gap during the show, because of which the charm was lost. But this was not the only reason.

After a very long waited time Adele was returning to the Grammys with her performance and exactly at the time of her performance a sound problem occurred which spoiled Adele’s performance completely as she had no vocal instrument to perform with.

Same thing happened with Justin Bieber. Rihanna was the only one who could have boosted the energy of the show but unfortunately she was no there at all.

Lauren Hill was supposed to perform but because of her weekend performance she couldn’t. After that it came forward that she was not given enough time to prepare herself and Grammy announced her name without her agreement.

Representative of Ms. Hill said that she was believed to perform with a fellow friend artist as a surprise but something went wrong that at the last minute which created that environment.

All of this created so much hype among fans that they simply and quickly branded the show “Flop”

A fan on twitter straightly said, “Grammys of this year were a huge flop”

At the end of the show Pitbull performed and after his performance the show concluded. And at this someone wrote, “Ending @TheGRAMMYs with Pitbull is like ending your 21st birthday with a root canal. #SWOP #DealWithIT.”

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